Holiday Vox Box

I hope all of you had a great Valentine's Day with the ones you love!  I was spoiled and had a wonderful meal.  It was so nice to spend time with my sweet little family and not get out for a busy dinner somewhere loud and probably full of carnations.  I hate that smell.  Baby's breath annoys me too.  I'm glad Skip opted for the beautiful red tulips.  They make be feel hopeful that spring is getting closer and this bipolar winter weather we've had here in Georgia will be over soon!

The one fun thing I got to do this winter, was testing the products that Influenster sent to me in the Holiday Vox Box.  If you don't know about Influenster, I encourage you to go to the site and check them out!  It's a great opportunity to be introduced to cool new products that will be available to everyone in stores!  

My favorite item in the box was by far the Goody QuikStyle brush.  I have long hair and it takes about 45 minutes to blow it out if I start with hair that hasn't been in a towel for a few minutes.  I hate it.  I fell in love with this brush as soon as I tried it.  It definitely made a difference and I didn't feel like I was going to die of a heatstroke from a blow out!  

I also loved the Liquid Lipshine from NYC.  Not only is the color great, it isn't sticky.  That's the main reason I hate some glosses.  I don't need my hair stuck on my lips and then gloss on my face.  It isn't a good look for anyone, and I will for sure by this gloss again.  Anything for a Target trip, right ladies?  

The Quaker Real Medleys Cherry Pistachio Oatmeal was alright.  It may be that I got a gross flavor.  I'm not big on berries in my oatmeal.  The texture from the Pistachios was also weird.  I'm probably gonna stick to my usual coffee for breakfast if I had to choose.  Try it, you may disagree with me :)

I loved the EBOOST energy drink mix packet.  I got the Pink Lemonade flavor and love that I can use it as an afternoon pick me up and not feel a sugar crash afterwards.  They have several different flavors available, and I can't wait to try more!

The last product that I received was the Kiss Nail Dress strips.  I'm still on the fence about these.  I feel like I have some skills in the nail design department.  I'd rather just do my own rhinestones than have to worry about shaping these sticky little buggers.  They lasted a couple days, but I wouldn't invest in these for every day use, maybe a special night out.  

I hope that you will all go out and try some of these cool products.  I am so glad that Influenster gave me a chance to try them!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  

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smk053078 said...

I have heard good and about that brush. I still think I may scoop it up at Target. I am soooo curious to see if it works blow dry wonder on my hair. ;)

Head to Toe Chic said...

I need to buy that brush! It sounds amazing and I'll take any excuse for a trip to Target :)


Head to Toe Chic said...
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Head to Toe Chic said...
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Madison Claire said...

Obviously I need to jump on that brush train!

Also, I nominated your for the Leibster Blogger Award :)

Lizzi Apple said...

Would you like to follow each other?
Let me know and we can totally get to it :D