Sweaters to Die For!

Thank goodness we're finally getting some cool, okay, cold weather around here!  I will take what I can get even if we've gone from shorts and sundresses to frost and cold, windy nights.  It means I can get out all my fun winter things that have been packed away for far too long!  I think I'm most excited to get out the really cool sweaters that I've been watching since mid-June.  Anything goes with these pieces.   Whether it's a geometric pattern or Aztec design, the colors are great and very inspiring during a season that can get bogged down with the blacks, grays, and blues.   

Here are a few of my favorites!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!  

What is your favorite winter item this year?


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Source: wanelo.com via Lyndsey on Pinterest

Source: ladylux.com via Lyndsey on Pinterest

Source: shopbop.com via Lyndsey on Pinterest

Source: shopbop.com via Lyndsey on Pinterest


smk053078 said...

OMG!!! I am in love with all these designs too!!! I just wish on my lucky stars that the one from shopbop wasn't sold out. I am in LOVE!!! Thanks for linking up!!! xoxo

life is style said...

love them all :)

anna lizbeth said...

loving the first one. I think i need it! xo annalizbeth

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

wow I love all of these! great blog -- we should follow each other?! <3

Sarah said...

I have seen a few Aztec sweaters here and there on blog land and I am really starting to love them. They are stylish and look so warm and cozy!

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love these aztec cardigans!!! I need one in my closet!